Cloud Clusters Data Centers for Cloud Oracle

Cloud Clusters Data Centers for Cloud Oracle

Cloud Clusters has 3 locations in the USA. We are still expanding. Deploy your Oracle™ instance closer to you and your visitors.

3 Locations

  • Bend, Oregon (West US)
  • Dallas, Texas (South US)
  • Kansas City, Missouri (Central US)

Location Bend, Oregon (West US)

A Server in Bend, Oregon (West US)
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Cabinets, custom cages, private suites.

Diverse fiber infrastructure.

Specifically optimized for high-density deployment.

Secure storage in all facilities.

Redundant N+1 power and cooling systems.

Unique multi-pod site design.


Redundant diesel generators, N+1 power coguration.

5MW Pacific power service, substantial onsite fuel storage.

Overhead A & B starline bus service.

120V and 208V service.

15A, 20A, & 30A circuits.


N+1 cooling redundancy.

Ultra-efficient indirect evaporative cooling.

Supports high power densities.


Low latency to west coast USA and Asia/Pacific.

Security and Support

24-hour staffing of network operations center.

24/7 escorted on-site entry.

Alarm system with CCTV surveillance throughout the facility.

Biometric finger scanners; access cards.

Location Dallas, Texas (South US)

A Server in Dallas, Texas (South US)
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24/7 technical support staff on-site.

Easy access to kitchen/break room.

On-site customer support center available.

Business continuity center.


2 transformers with 3500 kVA capacity with expansion to 10MW.

2 x 2 MW cummins generator backup.

3 x 600 Liebert kVA UPS in 2N+1 configuration.

14 x 125 kVA Liebert PDUs in an A/B configuration.


12 x 30-ton Liebert air-cooled units totaling 360 tons in N+2 configuration.


24/7 secured entrance.

Physical access pre-approved via access permissions defined by the customer.

Government issued photo ID verification.

Documented ingress and egress history.

Card-key access into data center.

Locking cages / suites.

Interior and exterior video surveillance.

Custom security options available.

Perimeter fence with security gate.

Critical Environments Management

Experienced 24/7 facilities management team.

Environment (thermal conditions) monitored 24/7.

All Building Management Systems (BMS) monitored 24/7.

Comprehensive energy metering systems.

Location Kansas City, Missouri (Central US)

A Server in Kansas City, Missouri (Central US)
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Connections available to AMSIX, DE-CIX and SIX.

Bandwidth providers: KCFiber/liNKCity, Wholesale Internet, Zayo, AT&T, UPN, Consolidated, Hurricane Electric.

Dedicated wave and DF available to 1102 Grand, 1100 Walnut and 101 Holmes.

Security and Support

24/7/365 monitored video surveillance.

100% 4K UHD cameras.

Every part of the data center floor can be seen from 2 angles.


Diverse power feeds from diverse substations (Avondale and NKC).

Dedicated substation breakers.

Dedicated power lines direct to NKC substation.

Evergy Ttier 1 customer (same restore priority as Hospitals and 911).

N+1 natural gas generators

Redundant A/B/C/D power available


N+1 HVAC Units

Raised floor design with hot/cold aisles.

Temperature/Humidity/Pressure sensors on every rack.

Autonomous humidity regulation.